Duncan Lee


“I have been drumming for 14 years now. I have studied with several great teachers who have all had a big impact on my approach to the drums including Glen Child, Oli Baxendale, Dan Foord, Steve Vintner and Will Gates. I have also attended a four-day Master Session with the fantastic Benny Greb. Over the past 10 years, I have focused on building strong relationships with my students. I offer extreme flexibility in my teaching method to suit every type of student. I sit my students through Rockschool and Trinity Guildhall exams. It never seizes to amaze me just how capable students can be if they are given effective tools to help them tackle any obstacle in their drumming lives! I feel very comfortable teaching all genres of music and have sat over 200 students in for exams. I strongly believe that students have a lot more to learn after grade 8 and I will do my best to stop complacency once this grand target has been reached!”

Teaching experience:
– Private drum tutor – 2005 to present
– ST Bernard’s peripatetic drum tutor – 2008 to 2013
– Yamaha Music School drum tutor – 2009 to 2013
– Aylesbury Vale Academy Drum Tutor – 2013 to 2015
– Dunx Drum School manager and drum tutor – 2010 to 2014
– Managing Director of XYZ Music Academy 2014 – present

– BA Music Degree – studied at Oxford Brookes University
– 1-year DrumTech Diploma studied at Tech Music Schools
– Grade 8 in drumming
– A level in Music
– GCSE in Music

Michael Lee

“My name is Michael Lee and I’m a co-founder of XYZ music academy. I am also the resident guitar, bass and vocals tutor. I began my musical journey in the mid-nineties in the height of the Brit-pop era led by the likes of Oasis and Blur. It was this movement that first prompted me to pick up a guitar at the age of 12. Since then my life has revolved around everything musical from learning several instruments to joining several bands and performing all over the country. I took music seriously from day one and have racked up several qualifications along the way including a Jazz, popular and Commercial music degree as well as a grade eight qualification in guitar. This thirst for knowledge hasn’t subsided since I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my craft as well as the craft of the students I teach.!

Aside from my instrumental skills, one of my biggest musical passions is composing. I have released several albums and have many years of experience both in the studio writing and recording as well as performing live as a guitarist and vocalist.”

Teaching Experience:
– Private guitar/bass tutor – 2002 – 2014
– Yamaha Music School guitar tutor – 2009 – 2013
– XYZ guitar/bass/vocal tutor – 2014 to present

– Jazz, commercial and popular music Bmus (Hons)
– Grade 8 in guitar
– BTEC National Diploma in pop music
– GCSE Music


Richard Wainwright


I began playing drums at the age of 13 and I have studied a diverse range of genres and techniques on my way to achieving my Grade 8 with Distinction. Beyond Grade 8 I have continued to study music and further develop as a player, taking inspiration from a large array of drummers like Benny Greb and Matt Garstka in the process. I have also played at world-famous venues across the U.K such as London KOKO, The Garage and The Electric Ballroom as the drummer for Indie Rock band ‘The Repeat Offenders’ – extending my knowledge and experience beyond the grading syllabus. My aim as a teacher is to pass on my knowledge, experience and passion for the drums to the next generation of musicians.

Teaching Experience:

– XYZ Music Academy – February 2015 to present
– Aylesbury Vale Academy Drum Tutor – 2015 to present
– Longwick C of E School Drum Tutor – 2015 to present
– Haddenham Community Juniors Group Percussion Teacher – 2015 to 2016
– John Colet Drum Tutor – 2015 to 2016
– Haddenham Community Juniors Drum Tutor – 2016 to present

-Grade 8 in Drumming

Max Gedny

“I’ve been playing the drums since I was 12 years old. Since I began learning I have studied a wide variety of genres, and have a great appreciation for all styles of music. On my journey to achieve grade 8 I’ve played in heavy blues bands and played in stage bands for musical theatre productions. My aim is to show students how enjoyable drumming is, to pass on my knowledge and most of all make sure the students have fun.”

Teaching experience:

Drum tutor in John Colet School
Drum tutor in Bedgrove school
XYZ Music academy in both Wescott and Aylesbury town centre


– GCSE in music
– B-tec in media
– A Level in Music
– A Level in Music Technology
– A Level in Media Production
– Grade 8 in Drums

Seb James


“I am 24 years old and have been involved in many projects and ensembles since I started drumming at the age of 14. I have taken part in organising group music workshops and have performed in a vast array of bands – this has enabled me to play in many different styles and it’s this variety that has given me the confidence to teach and read music fluently. I am passionate and enthusiastic about my music, dedicated to ensuring that my students achieve their full potential and have fun along the way.”

Teaching experience:

I started by teaching friends and family informally for the first five years on guitar, bass and drums. This has led to a real passion for teaching and improved my skills considerably as a player. Formerly, I taught at various youth centres including Youth Concern Aylesbury and Sound Studio in Wycombe. XYZ Music Academy – September 2014 to present


– National Diploma BTEC Music- Grade: DDM
– Grade 4 Jazz Saxophone
– Music Theory up to grade 5
– GCSE: Music

Josh Redgard-Siler

Having graduated with FD Hons. in Music Production and Performance in 2007, I have played music and worked in live and studio sound around the world. As an Orchestra Musician I have worked in the US, Central & South America for 3 years, as well as gigging extensively in Jazz, Rock, Pop, Funk & Soul, in the UK and Australia. Since I joined the XYZ team in August of 2016 I have developed the skills of many of the piano students in the XYZ roster, and I hope that I will be able to help you achieve your goals in any way I can.


John McLeod


“My name is John McLeod and I have been playing music for over 20 years. I started learning piano at the age of 7 and have since gone on to learn the flute and the guitar. I am very grateful to have been born into a musical family which has given me a wide range of musical perspectives and genres to choose and learn from throughout my life. I have also played in various bands since the age of 15 and have orchestral experience too. Music to me is a language we all love to hear, though few of us learn how to speak it. My main aim as a teacher is to pass on my knowledge and experience to help bring a sense of musical fulfilment and understanding to more peoples’ lives.”

Richard Hawking

Richard has been teaching drums at XYZ since 2015. He gained his diploma in Popular Music Performance from Tech Music Schools in 2006, began teaching in 2011 and has had an endorsement deal with Zildjian cymbal company since 2014.  He has a lot of experience in tutoring students for drum examinations and has a 100% pass rate with those that he has put forward.  Further to his work at XYZ, Richard can be found on the drum throne for tech-metal crossover act “Hacktivist” or with “Down for The Count” and “Bella and The Bourbon Boys”, whether playing at private functions or public jazz events.


Andy Bridgwood


“I have been drumming for over 12 years and I have studied with some of the best drummers in the world-Thomas Lang, Craig Blundell, Darryn Farrugia, Pete Riley to name just a few. I have a vast amount of experience with bands and session work, recently being the drummer for Xfactor (2013) semi-final contestants Rough Copy which has lad to shows all over the country naming the 02 arena London as my favourite venue to play as well as playing over Europe. I have played with many bands in an array of different music styles; RnB/Pop/Rock/Indie/Reggae/Drum & Bass. I specialise in many areas of drumming and drumming technique, being a Traditional Grip player I’ve developed many hand techniques and enjoy the odd stick trick or two. I’ve practiced tirelessly since leaving school working on every aspect of drumming from foot technique to co-ordination to grooves, drumming styles, odd time signatures, rudiments the list goes on.”

Teaching experience:
– Private drum tutor – 2007 to present
– Dunx Drum School – April – December 2014
– XYZ Music Academy – January 2015 to present

– 1 year in DrumTech Diploma studied at Tech Music Schools
– GCSE in music
– Grade 8 in drumming

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