About XYZ Music Academy

XYZ Music Academy LTD was founded in May 2014 by brothers Duncan and Michael Lee. Their aim is to provide a music ‘Mecca’ for all budding musicians to come and learn, rehearse, record and perform at their quirky yet inspiring facility in Westcott Venture Park. XYZ opened as a result of the success of Duncan’s ‘Dunx Drum School’ which opened its doors back in 2011. Having amassed to over 140 students it was time to expand into other instruments to start something special.

The Lee Brothers have studied and taught music for most of their lives and understand the importance of opportunity when it comes to growing as a musician through experience and fulfilment. They are always open to new ways of encouraging development and growth for their students.

XYZ Music Academy LTD offers the following services:

Tuition Services:

One to One, Shared and Group Instrumental Lessons: A range of lesson types to suit students in both lesson dynamic and affordability. These lessons are held at the XYZ Music Academy headquarters in Westcott Venture Park and our second location on the 2nd floor of the Aylesbury Music Shop.

Peripatetic Instrumental Lessons: If you would prefer to have lessons in school time then we offer instrumental lesson at several schools throughout Buckinghamshire. Please get in touch for more details on the school that we are associated with.

Online Lessons: If you would like lessons in the comfort of your own home then why not have lessons with us through skype? It’s much easier logistically and will allow you to feel completely at home (quite literally) while learning.

Online Subscription Based Lessons: Would you prefer a lesson format in which you can come back and revisit again, and again? Then why not sign up to our monthly lesson subscriptions where you gain unlimited access to our extensive library of video lessons. They’re ready and waiting for you to go and watch to your heart’s content! If you go for the premium membership, then you gain access to all of our video courses. It’s great value for money! This is an ideal package for families who are simply too busy to go for instrumental lessons all at once.

Masterclasses: XYZ takes pride in our network of professional musicians. We encourage students to come and watch our masterclasses to inspire and ignite the drive that all musicians need to reach their aspirations. Masterclasses are announced through blog and tickets can be purchased from the shop area of the site.