Max Gedny

    Max Gedny

    “I’ve been playing the drums since I was 12 years old. Since I began learning I have studied a wide variety of genres, and have a great appreciation for all styles of music. On my journey to achieve grade 8 I’ve played in heavy blues bands and played in stage bands for musical theatre productions. My aim is to show students how enjoyable drumming is, to pass on my knowledge and most of all make sure the students have fun.”

    Teaching experience:

    Drum tutor in John Colet School
    Drum tutor in Bedgrove school
    XYZ Music academy in both Wescott and Aylesbury town centre


    – GCSE in music
    – B-tec in media
    – A Level in Music
    – A Level in Music Technology
    – A Level in Media Production
    – Grade 8 in Drums